Records Management



a2becb58-019d-4a6d-9417-eba223cad521Effectively managing information is a core component of a successful organization. The key to success in any environment is the ability to locate information in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Design and creation of new filing systems
  • Improve filing room efficiency
  • Consolidating multiply filing systems into one efficient system


End Tab Products

End tab folders have been proven time after time to be the most efficient filing method available.  These manila folders feature a single ply end tab with scored tick marks for easy application of color coded labels. The super extended tab offer extra space for labeling. Perfect for color-coded systems that use name labels.
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Top Tab Products

These stylish top tab classification folders are designed for drawer filing applications. These economy top tab classification folders are made of 15 pt manila or color stock for a nice blend of quality and economy. Designed with plenty of room for color code labels and/or name labels.

Chart Dividers

Chart dividers make organization of large file folders simpler and more efficient. Individual fasteners on each divider offers the ability to add and/or delete any sections without disturbing information in other sections. This allows for a more efficient and accurate filing system. These easy to use end-tab or side-tab chart dividers come with pre-printed tab titles and are colored coded for easy identification. Chart dividers are designed for maximum organization within a file folder. Custom index stock dividers are also available.

Radiology Filing

This jacket is the standard for x-ray filing applications. Designed to be used almost any radiology filing system. Easy to color-code using individual labels or computer generated labeling. Heavy duty mailing envelopes help protect the film as it is transferred to different locations. Designed to store and transport X-ray film, these envelopes come in a variety of sizes.

Filing Accessories

Documents can be securely fastened in any position using reinforced self-adhesive fasteners





Space Clip fasteners feature a unique design that allows folders to function like ring binders. The U-shaped end-piece is removable, allowing you to easily insert or remove papers. The clip will bend as you fold back papers for ease of reading and photocopying.






These alphabetic labels feature a wrap-around solid color bar and a colored alpha character outlined in black and printed on a white background. These color numeric labels feature a wrap-around solid color bar with a white reversed numeric character printed on a white background. Allergy, Name Alert, Confidential File Labels are also available.

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